Mission Statement

Illinois BLAZE mission is to strategically promote the importance of education, healthy lifestyles and fitness, and reinforce core values.  We believe by using the game of basketball as a tool, this will not only enhance the players individual skills, but also teach them to play the game at a higher level with their teammates. The Illinois BLAZE travel basketball program is committed to providing student athletes with a high quality program that focuses on player development and teamwork. We believe in the importance of developing student athletes to become future leaders by empowering, equipping and encouraging the athletes to be successful on and off the court.

The dedicated staff of Illinois BLAZE understands the importance of increasing the athletes overall basketball IQ.  We are committed to providing the highest quality of coaching and mentoring that pushes our student athletes to become more fundamentally sound skilled players and also instilling the importance of a good work-ethic, sportsmanship, leadership, academic excellence and a possessing a positive attitude.

Illinois BLAZE Goals

  • Encourage strong academic ratings
  • Teach them to show respect to individuals, including their teammates and competitors alike
  • Teach mental and physical discipline
  • Teach leadership qualities on and off the court
  • Promote sportsmanship under the concept of T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More)

Illinois BLAZE Core Values

  1. Integrity

Be honest and trustworthy.  Show integrity and character in everything you do.  Be responsible and do what’s right because it is the right things to do. Be a role model on and off the court.

  1. Teamwork

Lead by giving, put your team first.  Work together and help each other out.  Care about your team goals and your teammates. Develop strong relationships, friendships and respect for others.

  1. Commitment

Commit to excellence with a positive attitude and relentless persistence.  Never give up and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Play through your mistakes and don’t pout, complain or drop your head when things aren’t going the way that you think they should.  Never quite on your coach, never quit on your team, never quit on a play and most importantly never quit on yourself!

  1. Hard Work

Enjoy the process of practice.  Practice might not always make perfect but it sure does make you better.  Set goals and aim for a change in your game.  Always give your best effort because when you don’t, you cheat yourself.  Do more than what is expected of you.  Be passionate about the game.  Work doesn’t just start at practice or at a game.  The work starts whenever you think about the game or put a ball in your hand.

  1. Respect

Be respectful, loyal, thoughtful, and show kindness. Treat others how you want to be treated!

  1. Positive Attitude

Maintain a positive attitude during practices, games, in school, at homes, and in all aspects of life.  Avoid negative thoughts of defeat.  Your attitude affects you and those around you.  Take time to think about how you can be a positive contribution to your team.

  1. Appreciation

Not everyone will get the same opportunities as you, so be grateful and thankful for what you have.  Be aware of people around you that take the time to help you.  Have an attitude of gratitude. Show appreciation by simply saying THANK YOU!